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Partnership Quality & Environmental Policy


We intend to offer the best possible service to Customers. Believing that a business cannot sustain itself without offering "something more" than the competition. To achieve excellence in the day to day running of the business we have implemented a documented quality system to ensure:

  •  All work will be conducted in a manner that complies with all current legislation.

  • All staff are fully trained to ensure the service we provide meets Customer and legislative requirements.

  • We will compete by maintaining a high level of friendly communication with Customers and employees, to ensure that both recognise they are getting "something more".

  • We will endeavour to treat Customers and employees in the same manner.

  • Our Customers opinion of our service will be monitored and improvements made as necessary.

  • We will track and analyse our success levels and will thereby evidence a cycle of continuous review and planned improvement.

  • Our levels of documentation will be sustained to minimum standards for all to see. It is our aim to sustain registration to the current version of IS09001.

  • We have measurable objectives, which are defined, reviewed and updated at management review meetings.

This approach will enable us to meet our objectives which are:

"To provide each Customer with a first class service which meets or exceeds their expectations and to deliver this service on time, every time".

We are also mindful of the effect of our services on the Environment and are committed to the following:

  • To continually review our environmental effects and wherever possible minimise energy usage, and waste reporting the results to the Partners.

  • We will endeavour to use local suppliers, support fair trade and where practical environmentally friendly products.