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Goodwillie & Corcoran is a well established and experienced firm of civil enforcement agents, formed in 1988 by Denis Goodwillie and Simon Corcoran to specialise in the recovery of Local Government Revenues and commercial rents. Bernard Chinnery joined the partnership in 1991.

All three partners learned their trade working as bailiffs, gaining invaluable experience 'on the doorstep'. We still practice a 'hands on' approach to work which we believe gives a better understanding at all levels of the problems faced by defaulters and our clients.

We are members of the Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA)

We have achieved accreditation to ISO 9001:2008

We have achieved accreditation to Health & Safety standard OHSAS18001

We are registered under the Data Protection Act

We are an Equal Opportunities Employer.

We take a positive attitude towards employing disabled people.

Denis Goodwillie - MCBA, MBM
Denis Goodwillie
Simon J Corcoran - MCBA

Simon J Corcoran


Bernard H Chinnery

Bernard H Chinnery