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Health and Safety Policy


We recognise the importance of providing a safe working environment for each of our employees and for visitors to the business. To ensure that this environment is maintained the following policy has been established and procedures have been implemented to support it.


The Partners are fully committed to the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work act and are ultimately responsible for the implementation and review of this policy, which is maintained through an annual review meeting and controlled by our document control procedure. They are also responsible for ensuring that safety inspections are conducted, accidents and incidents are recorded reported and investigated and for enforcing any legal health and safety requirements.

The Quality Manager is responsible for the training of all staff. This training will as a minimum cover fire safety, display screen regulations, manual handling, accident reporting and general health and safety needs identified as part of the job function.

The Quality Manager is the fire officer and is responsible for the fire drill practice and for maintaining the fire equipment in good working order.

The Quality Manager is responsible for ensuring there are sufficient First Aiders within the Company and that the first aid box is kept in a suitable condition

All staff are responsible for the health and safety of themselves and other employees and should not carry out any activity that will bring about risk to either party.

Workplace Requirements

The workplace is to be kept clean and tidy at all times. Floors are to be kept free from trip hazards and exits are to be kept clear at all times and signs and labels shall not be obscured.

Accidents are to be reported immediately to the First Aider who will record the incident. Attained on 13th January 2004 our current First Aiders, within the Company are:- Joan Grice & Tessa Bowen

Equipment is to be maintained in good working order at all times and items suspected of being faulty shall be reported immediately with no further use until the problem is rectified.

Work equipment provided, shall be used at all times and shall be used correctly and company vehicles are only to be operated by qualified staff.

Strict adherence to the lifting and handling training is to be applied at all times - never attempt to lift an item if you are unsure of the items weight.

In the event of fire leave the building immediately in accordance with the fire safety procedure and do not return to the building until told to do so.

If you are unsure about any activity or feel it unsafe do not attempt it - ask your manager and do not carry out the activity until totally satisfied.